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Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) is considered by many the gold standard for the treatment of sleep apnea, especially for very severe cases. The CPAP and APAP machines are designed to increase air pressure going through the throat. This prevents the airway from collapsing during inhalation.

At Snore Experts, we have helped countless patients get a good night’s rest using CPAP treatments to treat their sleep apnea.


The goal of positive airway pressure is to keep the airway from collapsing using air pressure. A machine sits on your bedside table, pressurizes air, then blows that air through a tube into a mask that is worn on your face while you sleep. This keeps the airway from collapsing so that the patient can breathe easier throughout the night while they sleep.


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines increase pressure in the throat as a way to prevent the airway from collapsing while inhaling. CPAP machines also help to decrease snoring. CPAP machines have one pressure setting – the highest pressure you might need at any time during the night.

This device has changed my life! I have been a snorer with bouts of mild to moderate sleep apnea for most of my life. My condition has, up until recently, been a fact of life, a problem mostly for those who slept near me. I was never particularly interested in a CPAP machine since I had heard the cons of using one…..The miracle is the change that has occurred in my life, and by default in the lives of those around me. I sleep soundly the entire night, I wake up refreshed maintain energy and concentration through the day, and I am sure, I am much more pleasant to be around. Thank you for probably saving my life!


The Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) machine is a newer, “smart” form of the CPAP. It monitors you and adjusts pressure based on your needs throughout the night. APAPs tend to be much more comfortable for this reason. When a patient needs or prefers a machine for their sleep apnea, we tend to use an APAP.

These machines have come a long way – they are whisper quiet and the masks are much less obtrusive and more comfortable than they used to be.

Some patients may suffer from CPAP intolerance. Snore Experts offers several alternatives to CPAP and APAP that also offer effective relief from snoring and sleep apnea.


Contact Snore Experts today to schedule a consultation for your snoring or sleep apnea treatment. Our expert team can take the time to properly diagnose your condition and provide you with the information on the available options for treatment. We can go over each option we offer, address any questions you may have about the device or treatment, and help you find the one that will get you the good night’s rest you need and deserve.