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Dr. Michael Tong is a graduate of the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry. His rigorous course of post graduate study has allowed him to better appreciate the undeniable link between oral and general health. Of greatest note has been the Airway centered focus shift in dentistry, with the single guiding principle that “all chronic pain, suffering, and disease are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level”. Dismayed at the lack of a proper sleep medicine component in the traditional general dental setting, Dr. Tong has transitioned his practice focus and limits his patient scope exclusively to the treatment and management of snoring and sleep apnea. Dr Tong has received extensive clinical and post graduate education in dental sleep medicine with Spear Education and Spencer Study club at the forefront. With Snore Experts, Dr Tong has treated hundreds of patients suffering from sleep disordered breathing with hybrid oral appliances with his mentor and pioneer in the field of dental sleep medicine, Dr Jonathan Greenburg.

Dr Tong is proud to offer cutting edge sleep apnea treatment as a Vivos Integrated Provider through non-surgical, noninvasive oral appliance therapy to address the root cause of sleep disordered breathing.